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Raz Fechin


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Raz Fechin is a man (in a manner of speaking) of many names.

A prolific criminal, they've constructed many false identities who, on paper, have never even met, let alone really be the same person. Very, Very few people know the truth of their situation, and none have been told willingly. Recently though, he’s started to lose their grip on that secrecy, as Seeking starts to take its toll. He hasn't slipped up bad enough yet for anyone else to find out, but they know it's only a matter of time, even if they try to pretend it’s still working out fine.

While their false identities are extremely different people, they all share the same not-so-legal goals, the same tendency for violence, although some are better at hiding it than others, and unfortunately, the same connections to Hell. They are an animal lover, a religious person (in their own way), and overall just a bit of a difficult-to-deal-with asshole, but he has his moments.

(Bio(s) are still unfinished, ill update them once ive got more written lol)

The Orchestrating Lyon-Pursuivant - Cherry (they/he, Lyon)

Cherry is a gang leader in Spite, and a very skilled, powerful, and well connected person. Under their leadership, the gang has had a rapid rise in status, and has put them on the radar of some of London’s most powerful criminals, particularly The Gracious Widow, who they've worked both for and with many times.

They’re seen as an excessively violent, ruthless thief by most of “higher society”, which is definitely true, but a surprisingly large portion of the more Regular people support them. They invest a lot in the people around them, and while people know it’s not entirely altruistic, they appreciate it regardless. The support they get in return from these people has been invaluable to many heists in the past. Planning is quicker when workers in the area are willing to share info with you, and it’s much easier to deal with unplanned difficulties when the shopkeep down the road decides to do you a favour and distract the surprise extra guards for you. While they do help people just to be kind on occasion, they tend to keep those times secret, to keep up appearances. Cant have people thinking they’re going Soft.

When it comes to their criminal work, they focus on jobs they can get done with planning and stealth, and generally try to avoid all-out brawls when possible. They have lines they won’t cross, and unneeded cruelty makes people less willing to help them, so they try to keep damage to a “minimum”. When someone else attacks Them first they let themselves go a bit more, but they still try to hold themself to some Standards. They do sometimes forget themself and go too far, even more so recently, which they find… Unprofessional. Luckily for them though, those moments of brutality are enough to scare most would-be-attackers off, which keeps it from happening Too often.

As Cherry is their most used persona, they have the widest range of contacts. They interact most often with their fellow Criminals obviously, but they are also seen frequently with the Urchins, who they seem to have a soft spot for.

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The Meticulous Cross - Oliver/Olive Cerise (they/she?? Advocate)

Oliver, or Olive depending on the day, is a soft spoken, polite person of high standing. Most often seen at the more respectable social gatherings in london, they’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputation as someone reliable, always there to lend support and assistance to their peers, which has gone well enough that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who truly dislikes them. They always try to be kind, even if they sometimes fall short of it, and people often discuss the talks they give at parties for weeks afterwards. Of course, they arent anywhere near as helpful as they appear.

This persona was originally crafted as a ruse to get close to richer londoners, in order to case their homes and belongings for later heists, but they’ve found more uses since then. Their main role now, is in using their mithridic talents to manipulate the most powerful people they can get access to. They aren’t able to make any Major changes this way, but the small influences add up to make things much easier for them.

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The Derisive Mask - Poor Jack (they/them, no title?)

Jack, or Poor Jack according to the papers, is a truly brutal individual. Professionally, Jack does the work Cherry cannot, getting their hands Very dirty to keep Cherry’s reputation among their fellow criminals intact. In a funny coincidence, the sort of things Cherry is falsely accused of by the constables and high society, are the same things Jack actually does on a regular basis, for Cherry. How they’ve managed to pull it off without anyone noticing the connection between the two of them is a mystery, as Jack is by far the least subtle of their false identities.

While the persona was made for their contributions to Cherry’s work, they also tend to function as a way for Raz to let out their worst emotions, so they are often impulsive, quick to anger, and irrational. When they’re not working, they frequent the docks, joining in on any random fights they can find, or occasionally, joining in with the black ribbon.

The brutality they fight with isn’t all natural. They have been a Jack-Of-Smiles twice now, and have frankly enjoyed the whole thing quite a lot, so they absolutely lean into it in their work. They’ve been doing this for long enough now that some smaller newspapers have been spreading the idea that they are a New Jack-Of-Smiles, which is in fact, where they got their name from.

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The ___ ___ - Thomas Benjamin Ruth (they/them, idk title yet)

Thomas Benjamin Ruth, is, in a manner of speaking, a businessman. This identity is one rarely used in person, and was originally invented for legal reasons, as a way to keep any situations requiring signatures or a paper trail from being traced back to them. They’ve started to use the name in person occasionally since the gang got bigger, often functioning as a disguise for laying low until the constables give up, but they’ve also started taking over some of their more Official roles, like editor of their newspaper (???)

(More Later (still picking which jobs they get lmaoooo))

The Mislaid Pickpocket - Raz Fechin (they/he, idk title)

Raz Fechin, is, to put it simply, No one. Before they lost their soul they did everything as themself, but when they found the apathy of soullessness made it easier for them to do what was needed to gain a useful criminal reputation, they ditched the name for a fresh start, and now with every new name they take on they live as themself less and less, and by now they’re almost never Raz at all.

Very few people even know Raz anymore, let alone speak to him. There are a small amount of people in Spite who still remember them from their urchin days, mostly people around the music halls, but they’re all smart enough not to try and reach out, and their appearance on the occasions they go out in public reinforce that. They put the least effort into looking put together as Raz compared to their other personas, typically because Raz is also emotionally the least together.

They save being composed for every other identity. The others are incredibly put together, even in the most difficult situations, which they do by saving every emotional difficulty for when they next have time to be Raz, and lose their mind then. It is not a good strategy, and their extremes during the time they were soulless lead to them almost Seeking 27 times, and actually Seeking now. Which obviously lead to their emotional state being worse, especially since their soul is back, removing the buffer between them and the worst of it, which means there’s more for them to try and deal with as Raz, which cycles around and around to mean when they lose their grip on things, Raz is basically one of the most deranged people in London. Luckily for them, they’ve so far managed to keep almost all of this contained to Raz, maybe occasionally Jack, so their reputations are still intact, for now.

The only people who do still know them as Raz now, can be split into two groups. The ones they like, and the ones they Don't. In a classic display of how bad their life is going, the only ones reachable are the ones they don’t. Their child is gone to the roof, Dr Vaughn and Clara have moved far away and Raz is too self aware to contact them, and Hephesta is still living in parabola, which makes it easy enough for him to avoid her worry. Meanwhile, their husband is always around in their dreams, to help make them worse, and his old coworkers are around to bother them in london.

The Devils know too of course, and they’re the biggest problems. The two who stole Raz’s soul in the first place found them incredibly entertaining, and have been keeping an eye on him ever since, plus gossiping about him to their friends. Raz doesn’t know exactly how many people in the brass embassy know about him, but it seems to be almost all of them, and no matter which devil he interacts with, they always seem smug, knowing something Raz doesn’t want them to know. Of course, having Cherry’s office located in the brass embassy makes it much worse.

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