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Durian is a (tiefling-adjacent species) member of exploration team Beta. Disliked by the vast majority of command, be it for their mediocre-at-best talents or their lack of respect, they barely managed to talk their way into the mission, and were only able to get assigned a role acting as support for the rest of their team. Of course, when they landed and it became apparent that the dome was less well prepared than initially thought, and the job became “do literally anything that might help”, so they endeavoured to fuck around in whatever vaguely useful way they felt like.

They spent the first few days just. Walking straight into corrupted areas, exploring the caves below the dome and killing random corrupted monsters, mostly against their teammates wishes and eventually requiring at least one rescue. When that proved to be too dangerous for the team to keep spending resources on, they returned to the dome, and began looking into the magic of the planet.

They quickly found that this planets magic is surprisingly similar to what the demons they descend from use, and took to it quickly, although admittedly not making much physical progress outside of their books. Unfortunately, being a partially magical being, when they researched too deep, the powers corrupting effects hit them harder than expected. Some unknown connection between their magic and the planets tapped into the same magic that used to be used to summon or trap demons like they descened from, and as a result, they often find themself stuck, like the planet itself is trying to hold them in place. The problems this has caused have made them even more stubborn in an attempt to prove they can overcome it, throwing themself into dangerous areas without any armour or struggling to compelete difficult spells without any assistance, which has lead to many, many failures, and of course, to command liking them Even Less.

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(this parts gonna be dotpoint ideas for now, still brianstormin lmaoo)

  • demonic ansestry, but like. a bit far up there. theyre definitly still part demon, but it mostly gives them like. real good heat tollerance. a tendency to make deals for things. another tendency to make the deals annyoin as shit to trick people outta stuff. maybe some lil claws or somethin idk lol
    • i like the idea of this one havin some of the like. og dnd2e?? i think it was??? tief traits, im thinkin somethin like no shadow or somethin. one of the ones thats pretty subtle, but still makes them just that lil bit Different from the regular humans theyd probably be around most of the time pre-mission lol
    • this one would be like. Most Humanoid Option, most o the drawins ive tried so far would probs fit this lol
  • Next Option, same thing but demon heritage is a but more recent, more Tiefling some horns, maybe a tail, stuff like that. a bit more of a common demony look. some proper fire resistance, im thinkin still no default magic or anythin tho, they gotta work for that lmaooo
  • next option,same level of demony as the last one, so still demony, n still generally humaniod, but we got for a starting demon design thats a bit less human, probs a bit more fishy, in honour of Dawns amazing idea. im too attatched to the mostly humanoid design still rn to wanna go full mermaid, but still. demony, but demons who look less like humans u know? (could also go for a slightly more snakey vibe to get that typical demon energy in there, but its that or the fish lmao)
  • regardless of design. current idea is i think they were origionally like. a tech guy, kinda. their connection to this program or whatever its called came from their studdies, they got into a pretty decent school and managed to score an internship/straight outta school job with some random section of this group, workin in some of the tech related stuff. they are actually pretty decent at it, but they didnt show enough respect or do things by the book enough for their superiors. they werent kicked outta the program, but they know theyre not liked, n its only a matter of time. theyre not really Bad to work with, but theyre stubborn, and they dont like doing things the Correct way if theyve alreadt started doinit a different one, its not really a sunk-cost situation, morelike. they get annoyed when people question them if they dont think its needed, "why should i do the Technically more efficent way when mine works just fine, you think my ways bad or somethin? fuck off",n then they spend so long sittin there bein angry about it their productivity takes a bit hit lmao, and while they never direct that angry at the people working with then more than like. occasionally snapping at their bosses, thats enough to damage their rep in the workplace lmao.
    • on top of this, theire honestly just Decent at their job, so they dont have enough skill to get away with it. they can get stuff done pretty well, but they ofte forget what they need to be doing and how, n they spend more time looking up what theyve gotta do next than anyone else they work with. obvs not actually a bad thing, but in this workplace, plus their attitude problems? not a good combo lmao
  • when theyre not pissed tf off about something and/or magnus-burnsides rushing into dumb shit, theyre not that bad to get along with. they like to think theyre pretty funny (debatable if thats right or not),and their pact-making instincts mean that if they like you enough to not screw you over with a deal, they do their best to keep their promises, and they like helping others out with tasks, although they can be a bit lazy when it comes to doing stuff outside of more research, something which would surprise any teacher theyve ever had lmaoo
  • still deciding. but alt idea is theyre just a researcher, not a tech guy. theyre still stubborn and do things their own way, which their superiors hate, but this version its more like. theyll research whatever the fuck they feel like, and their bosses trying to keep them productive or on task does Not work, cause theyve already moved on to this new thing.when with people they like theyre happy to look into something new to help someone out, but theyve never really cared about what their bosses want done, so theyre lucky to still be employed.
  • either way, theyre a bit of a shithead and theyre only still working here cause they managed to talk/deal their bosses into keeping them around. as much as they piss off the higher ups, they do like this job,and this mission was gonna be the big thing they got right t convince them to stop tryin ta fire them. obvs. hasnt worked. done the oposite instead it seems. whoops.
  • more dot points/chosin between these ones n then reformattin it here later, its just hit 12 here and im typin this on my phone, n u would not Beleive how much the mobile code veiwer experience sucks lmaoooooooooo