my lil guy singular


more dnd guy, Aasimar Battle Master Fighter, atm they/them but tbh that might end up changin. Replacin Jamie in the game theyre from (we swapped from pathfinder to dnd lol) and the game is. fuckin Unhinged, so theyre v fun lmaoooo.

weve only really just started usin em so theyre not that fleshed out yet, but general summary is theyre the kid of one of the custom gods in the setting (to make the aasimar thing fit lorewise lmao), they own a sword which used to be his but not in an inheritance way in a found-it-on-the-ground way, and as of *checks watch* 20 minutes ago they own a fuckin Eevee cause we decided thatd be funny. (as previously stated. fuckin unhinged game lmaoooooo)